Open Source Customization

Why Open Source
Open source tools and software products are generally available at no licensing cost : at least the basic products if advance support is not required. This helps businesses save licensing fees for the platforms on which their web based applications are deployed. WebNinjaz recognizes the same and always acknowledges the demand and usage of open source products as a part of web development.

The other major advantage with open source application techniques is that the source code is generally available and can be customized so as to meet the needs of the organization or business for which the end product or service is being designed. Our developers are competent enough to meet the challenges of customization required by businesses and are technically capable of using open source to the best possible effect. Open source models focus on free distribution and code sharing, which are very much favorable for business requirements that need to be custom developed.

Open Source Tools
There are many open source products available in the market and we can combine multiple technologies to create or develop the perfect web application that best fits business requirements. LAMP : Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP are technology areas that WebNinjaz is familiar with and has used extensively in the past for building simple as well as complex web applications.

WebNinjaz also makes extensive use of open source content management systems such as Joomla, and indeed CMS is another area of expertise we posses. Similar to Joomla, Drupal is another CMS that can be used to deploy web applications fairly quickly. With a combination of similar open source packages, WebNinjaz helps customers achieve highest level of customization possible with minimal licensing fees. Apart from web based technologies for design and development, it is also possible to integrate database and other features making an application completely designed using open source.

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