E-Commerce Solutions

E-commerce : Go shopping online
WebNinjaz understands that for businesses to grow rapidly, they need a flavor to trade and expand on the web. E-business and E-commerce solutions are a specialty and one of the core competencies that WebNinjaz offers as a part of its web development programs and solutions. E-commerce solutions do include buying and selling of products online. However, the e-commerce area has now expanded to include services, marketing, delivery, information and a variety of other components. Many businesses are bound to require e-commerce solutions at some stage of their expansion plans, and the requirement lasts forever. Online product shopping and advertising is here to stay, and WebNinjaz understands and caters to the same as per our client requirements.

Security is of extreme importance when online applications are concerned, as many customers are involved on a daily basis in making payments online or funds transfer. There would be some fraudulent components that hackers or similar folks are bound to try, but WebNinjaz apps are always built with sufficient security and restricted accesses that puts business firms at ease. We make sufficient use of techniques such as encryption, SSL authentication, web based algorithms, firewall usage etc. to ensure that our clients do not face any business impact owing to security leakages.

Shopping cart solutions
Shopping carts are extremely famous in the field of e-commerce. With just a few clicks, customers can buy the items of their choice and place them in a virtual cart. The items placed in the cart are then billed and the transaction offers online, where the customer pays online in the form of funds transfer or credit card, via secure payment gateways. The company then ships the product to the customer in a fixed number of days.

WebNinjaz does specialize in developing shopping car applications that can be advertised and administered online. This gives businesses a wide horizon and a better chance to position their products. In fact, we even have ready to deploy shopping car templates that can have your shopping cart application customized and ready to use at the earliest.

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