Custom CMS

A Content Management System, abbreviated CMS, is an efficient system that helps establish procedures and guidelines to manage workflow and processing in a large organization. Many businesses have used CMS effectively in the past to organize their applications and day to day workflows. Properly implemented CMS enable users to organize and access data as per their requirements and accesses granted. CMS also facilitates easy data storage and updating as and when required. CMS also prevents data duplication and helps users communicate effectively.

For online applications, the use of CMS proves to be handy and highly effective. WebNinjaz helps use and implement open source CMS such as Joomla, Drupal, etc. as well as licensed tools pertaining to CMS if need be, depending on business requirements. The biggest advantage with most CMS architectures is that they can be highly customized so as to meet the needs of the client. CMS helps deploy content rich and highly featured websites quickly and with minimal effort. WebNinjaz has a successful track record of clients for whom we have deployed complex and highly customized content management systems.

Custom Content Management Systems also help reduce the cost of website maintenance. With highly efficient customized CMS, it is possible to update web content or make changes in online applications with just a few clicks, instead of resorting to expensive tools for release management for minuscule changes. Highly customized Enterprise content management systems (ECM) are capable of managing a wide base of customers for entire online transaction systems as well.

Today, with technical advances in CMS architectures, it is possible to maintain digital assets, application data, documents, etc. with just a few clicks. WebNinjaz ensures that the CMS architectures we deploy for our business clients are simple to understand, easy to master and require minimal maintenance.

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