3-D Modeling

It is said, that by showcasing your content in 3-D allows you to add a whole new dimension as compared to using 2-D content. The 3-D modeling is especially important when it comes to creating graphical visualizations or architectural visualization. Apart from this, by modeling content in 3-D, you can quickly change the camera angle and lighting to provide your customers with a much better view-ability in different conditions.

The Webninjaz also contains a team of experts that can help you model 3-D images, and by leveraging our services, you can post high-quality and extremely accurate 3-D models on your website or other digital media.

WorkFlow of 3-D Modeling

  • First of all, we discuss with the clients about the requirements and understand what is needed at an abstract level.
  • Based on these initial interactions, a draft copy is created and then again presented to the client.
  • Then, more discussions about the detailing of the 3-D models and other such related requirements are done. The Webninjaz team then incorporates all these additional information onto the 3-D model and presents it back.
  • Once the object gets properly modeled, the next sets of discussions happen for other aspects of the 3-D model. These aspects include the type, color, intensity and direction of lighting, the environment and the backdrop, and the camera angle and view style.
  • Finally, when all the additional information is incorporated, the raw 3-D model is created, and then post-processing is done.
  • Once all the things are done, the files related to the 3-D models are sent to the customer.

We, at Webninjaz, understand that your models are extremely critical for you and that all the details you provide need to be incorporated for best results. To ensure that this happens, we work very closely with you during the course of designing the 3-D model and ascertain that the final result matches your expectations completely.

If you are interested in adding a whole-new dimension to your products, just fill the form on the right and let us help you move your content to 3-D.