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Whoo //
I can seriously vouch for this team, they did awesome work on the logo, header and stars at the new design! A+ job, A+ quality!
Wow ! Man, you seem amazing :O
Nice soon i will hire him for 2200$ project!!
Your designs are awesome. I am considering purchasing a few things here.
Webninjaz is a group ofgreat guys , they finished the work in 15 Minutes , they Improved the Design as many times that i requested , and i reiceved the PSD' instantly. i can recommend you this team for any work in your site. Great guys.
I purchased the Imagician Image Hosting Template which is fantastic, they got it coded for me and changed whatever I asked them to change, great work, you are at the top of my list for future Projects.
@WEBNINJAZ: Thnx guys, now this is wht i call a design, of all the GFXrs they are the best one. Really i love it, damn cool design, your money is waiting my mates, just come and take it Again thnx ma mates, at last after 1 months i got a nice design for my network page.
Great job, Nitish! Thank you.
Never saw such an awesome gfx, they have a clean hand work and yes there quality is very much neat and looks very authentic. Which gives a first good impression. Love your creations WEBNINJAZ.
Iv been looking for some graphics to be done on the new Multi-Poster. Webninjaz designed the graphics for the Multi Poster 4 due to be released - The graphics will speak for themselves when you see it Very hard working guys - Recommended.
Hey guys Just a quick post to say WEBNINJAZ has done some fantastic work for me and DXWarez. Thanks guys
ShareComps //
cool work guys really love all your works keep on rockin
Highly Recommended Designer Great Designs + Easy Communication
Webninjaz's service is fantastic. Contacted me straight away about my enquiry, and started work on it the same day, and had it finished the same day. I did not expect this due to the complexity of the design, but they had it done. Webninjaz adds his own unique touch to the designs, and the graphics he creates. I gave them a couple of designs, but they didn't just do a replica of the design I liked. They chose a different colour scheme. They promised it to be made by 12pm his time, it was finished and given to me 20 minutes before that time. Brilliant Service, Brilliant Guys, I can not recommend him enough. Thanks WEBNINJAZ! CoolAsIce.
Okenyon //
Went through it step by step, very nice design. Recommended!
Sun!l //
I Love this team's work they done some work for me and worked a hole day to complete the work. Will recommend these guys to complete your work. Weldone.
S?iD?? //
Well i must say Webninjaz's is not only a good but also AWESOME. I contacted WEBNINJAZ about redoing the uGTeam light colored skin and they straight away looked at the job gave me a excellent price and started work almost straight away. they are quick to reply and very Professional with there work, and they also gives a great quote for fantastic work that they does. I am very happy and extremely satisfied with the end result of the great work that they has done to bring uGTeam Light Skin to life. So if you are looking for a professional web developers? then just give WEBNINJAZ a shout and you will be amazed at there work. Here you can see the great job he did on my site http://uGTeam.oRg
black0xio //
Thess guys never ceases to amaze me. Had hired him 3 days back for the front end of a SMS Site, and they completed that ASAP (hardly 24 hrs) and that too with great precision. Ty mates.
Mecho //
Vouch for them , they are really good at design / quick reply / so friendly and wont stop working on your stuff until u will be fully satisfied which is great . Recommended .
Really satisfied with the effort and work put in by WEBNINJAZ. Asked for a vBulletin skin was done ASAP and the outcome was outstanding! KIU
David Lynn // ProfileDefenders.Com
It's hard to find quality work from a company and I have dealt with many companies but Now I only need this company as they was so appealing and a pleasure to deal with. There rates were reasonable they stayed in contact and finished the job before the deadline. Will be using again thanks so much mates.
Jonas Markel // JonasMarkel.Com
Very happy with the quality of work and professionalism. Always available for questions, easy to work with and ability to explain technical details in laymen terms - which I needed. Would recommend and use again.
Darren //
Working with WEBNINJAZ has been great. I already have other projects lined up for them to work on. I highly suggest you high them for your projects. They are fast and efficient.
One of the fastest and most professional people I have ever worked with. The project was delivered WAY earlier than expected, the work was excellent and the communication was great. Will definitely use again. Thank you for a job well done!
EZ systems // EZ Publish
Great contractor. Looking forward to a long term working relationship
Webninjaz is making my life 100 times easier! well done! and look forward to working together again!!
Thank you Webninjaz, for your speedy, efficient and excellent job. There were challenges on my behalf, thank you for your patience and excellent communication in working together until I understood, the program. I would sincerely recommend, very professional, fast and reasonably priced. I will definitely contract again.