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Webninjaz - Methodology

WebNinjaz has tried and tested methodology that have always helped us succeed and deliver the best possible business solutions. Every project that we take up is appropriately phased into sub modules and divided among teams that works upon each aspect based on their expertise. Our methodology not only helps us deliver superior business solutions, it also ensures that our deliveries are presented to the clients in a timely fashion.

Proper Requirements Understanding and Tracking

Understanding business requirements and interpreting them correctly in technical terms so as to prepare a rough draft of what the solution would be is a major aspect that we always start with. Each and every area of our client requirement is clearly understood, and for the most part documented. This is to ensure that there are no misses at any level where client requirements are concerned, and does not create a bottleneck at later stages. Progress tracking and reporting also becomes much easier if business requirements have been clarified and analyzed at an early stage.

Designing Generic and Scalable Architecture

During our design and development phase, state of the art technology is employed by our experts to create the innovative designs and solutions that will definitely meet any level of customer's satisfaction. Our designs are not just limited to simple front end user interfaces that just appear to look good. We investigate each and every area of system requirement and organize the entire solution so that it is fundamentally strong and equally attractive as well.

Rigorous Testing and Optimizing the Code

After system development is complete, entire model undergoes a rigorous testing process. Here, we ascertain that the business requirement is exactly met as specified by the client. Also it is kept in mind that the product quality is perfect and matches standard guidelines. Much emphasis is laid upon developing a defect free solution in the initial attempts itself, and the code is fine tuned multiple times before even presenting the same to client for initial triage.

Proper Handoff and Delivery

Project delivery is always a vital phase for any consulting or web development company. We at WebNinjaz are no exception to the same. WebNinjaz strives to attain excellence in all of its deliveries, and does service changing client requirements, or provides extra maintenance and support as and when required based upon client agreements.

We Deliver a Solution, not Just a Software

At WebNinjaz, the exercise of presenting or designing a project is not viewed merely as a commercial exercise, but a chance to prove ourselves to a client and live up to any business challenge. We also make a point to involve client fully and gather continuous inputs so as to match our progress during any phase of methodology.

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