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Frequently Asked Questions

Web Development

The amount of time we will require to design the website depends on multiple factors like the size and the complexity of the website. Apart from this, it also depends on which programing language and which Content Management System (CMS) you would prefer us to design the website with.
In any case, we will provide you with pretty accurate timelines to ensure that the websites are finished and online by the pre-decided deadline.

While we recommend that you use our web-hosting service, you are free to use any other web-hosting service as well. You can also provide us with your web-hosting's FTP login and we can help you upload your website there.

Webninjaz can help you design your website irrespective of whether you want to create a gaming website, some web application, a service providing engine or even an eCommerce solution.
We have an all-round team, which has expertise in multiple web-designing languages as well as image designing. Apart from this, we not only support all the leading CMS, but will also help you deploy a Custom CMS if needed.

This solely depends on your needs and the amount of content you want to have to website. While we will suggest you with respect to optimal number of pages and content, it is ultimately your decision and we will help you design the website as per your specifications.

We can also help you in revamping as well as optimizing your existing websites. Just get in touch with us, and we can take it forward from there.

Once the website is uploaded and the payment is done, Webninjaz will relinquish all rights and the website will become solely your property. You will also be able to change/enhance the website at a later point of time if needed.

To ensure maximum portability, our team validates the websites on multiple browsers across different devices and validates the website's flow to ensure that the pages open fine in all browsers and do not have any portability issues. Apart from this, we also check the pages to ensure that there are no broken links or dead-end pages.

Graphic Designing

We provide all sorts of graphics designing services, which include complete web designing, creation of user interfaces for your applications, logo and mascot designing as well as 3-D modeling services.

While our expert Webninjaz team can figure out graphics and select color schemes that would suit your needs, we try to ensure that all your suggestions and requirements are covered.
As part of this, not only do we collaborate closely with you and make sure that the images are fine-tuned to your requirements, but we also provide you the images in different color schemes so you can select the one that suits your website/products better.

Once you are satisfied with the graphic content, we provide you with the vector files or other high-resolution image files. The rights and ownership of the content lies with you and you can use the content wherever you want.

Online Presence

We specialize at search engine optimization, online reputation management and content writing services for improving your online presence. Apart from this, we also help you in creating City-wise pages to reach out to your prospective customers better.
We also create and manage your Social Media related needs by taking care of your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest accounts.

No SEO provider can guarantee #1 position for all the keywords. However, with our optimized keyword targeting and both on-page and off-page SEO, we can guarantee very high rankings of your websites for most target words, and even the #1 position for not extremely competitive keywords.

Our team makes sure that proper good reviews are updated in various blogs, forums and even review websites to ensure that your online reputation is improved.

Yes. We do have a set of highly-skilled native-English writers, who work to provide high quality content for your website. Apart from the website, this content can also be used as part of your blogs, Press Releases and other link-building techniques, which need good content to be submitted

Other Misc. Services

Apart from web-design, graphics and online presence management, the Webninjaz team also has experts who can help you design both mobile and desktop applications. Our team also includes leading white-hat hackers, who can help you secure your networks and computational systems.
Finally, we also provide web-hosting services to help host your websites and graphics content.

We do provide an extremely robust web-hosting service, which also has various monitoring systems that raise alarms when there is a downtime.
While we cannot guarantee a 100% uptime (no web-hosting can), we can ensure that we provide a very high percentage of uptime and fast response times from our webhosting service.